A Pharmaceutical Company Implements the Right Prescription for Mobile Expenses and Saves $3.4 Million

This pharmaceutical company had 12,800 devices, had installed mobility device management software, and had several mobile operating systems in place when it contacted Telmac for help. It sought to streamline its operating processes and reduce mobility costs. The company had used another mobility management firm in the past, but didn’t see any significant benefit.

Telmac was contracted to provide full mobility life cycle support, and eventually was hired on to assist each line of business to manage its real-time wireless consumption.

The symptoms:

High mobility costs and overly complicated operating processes, limited resources or skillsets to focus on managing its mobility services; overwhelmed with the growing number of devices and associated expenses; underwhelming level of support to its salespeople (core group of wireless users).


Methodology and results:

  • We added business-specific drivers and worked with management teams to better align the correct devices, thereby improving efficiency for top revenue generators.
  • Support levels were increased, and service level agreements were exceeded. The company’s salespeople focused more on their work, instead of spending time dealing with mobile devices.
  • Through application of industry-specific analytics, our team enriched the mobility experience by removing complexities (and continues to do so for this account).
  • Telmac also generated savings by negotiating contracts, optimizing rates and improving usage management.
    In total, the client achieved $3.4 million per year in savings, a significant ROI of 5X that paid for the full suite of mobility management services many times over.

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