Manufacturing Company Gets Wireless Controls in Line, Reduces Monthly Expense by $25,000

Before engaging Telmac, this manufacturing company had no alignment of functional responsibilities, nor a structure or capability in place for managing mobile devices or expenses. Employees dealt with their devices individually and expensed them back to the company under a company-sponsored bring your own device (BYOD) program.

Upgrade eligibilities were not being tracked, and there were no controls on costs of devices, types of plans, or options modified for travel needs.

The finance group was burdened to process 150 bills and expense reports each month, with no visibility or justification parameters. They were also challenged with supporting their employees and improving productivity.

Methodology and results:

Since it wasn’t feasible to have a full-time employee focus on cell phones, the client decided to outsource all of the procurement, help desk and bill consolidation to Telmac.

  • Turnkey policies and procedures were implemented and are now being managed proactively.
  • The added visibility to forecast, model and further enhance the client’s mobility environment has enabled its finance team to gain control over mobility spend.
  • The accounts payable process was reduced to one check per vendor, and the entire process now takes only a few minutes per month for a company employee.
  • Additionally, Telmac has been engaged to implement a managed mobility service to further enhance savings each month by monitoring, analyzing and making plan changes to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • The client is now managing corporate mobility growth while reducing its cost per unit.

The client benefit is a $25,000 per month reduction in mobility costs, which represents a four-fold return on investment with us.

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