How Telmac’s Consultants Helped a Global Consulting Company Save $4 Million in One Year

A leading life sciences firm with multiple telecom expense management (TEM) providers was spending $22 million annually on wireless, voice, and data services spread among over 50 vendors and over 300 vendor accounts. The company contracted with Telmac to address the aggressive pricing from their main carriers and to help produce the results they originally expected from their existing telecom providers.

Through our holistic approach to lowering all mobility costs, Telmac’s consultants led a vendor-neutral program to aggregate data from a variety of sources, vendors and the marketplace, leveraging intelligence data to deliver meaningful sets of financial recommendations, execute the changes and eliminate unnecessary risk. We aligned cost reduction services and improved efficiency across current technology and software tools, saving the client $4 million in telecom expenses in the first year.


Methodology and results:

  • Mobility costs were reduced 25% by renegotiating contracts, consolidating billing accounts, improving usage management, and eliminating unused services.
    • Ten percent of the client’s 30,000 wireless devices were identified as unnecessary (having zero usage); thanks to better inventory management and notifications to managers, we were able to quickly achieve savings.
  • Automated policy alerts were implemented to deliver additional savings.
    •  We identified 1000+ users incurring more than $200 per month in mobility spend, and reduced this list to only a few users, which yielded significant results.
    • 90% of employees began paying attention to their mobility costs after receiving threshold-driven automated email usage reports from Telmac. Reports on spend breakdown from the previous TEM provider had contained limited information and weren’t useful to employees or finance teams.
    • Increased visibility into telecom expenses also helped to identify landlines that were no longer needed, questionable items on the bills, and rates that were higher than contracted. This resulted in an additional savings of $2,500,000 per year.
  • Additionally, we provided an integrated solution to the company asset management system and implemented a device recycling program.


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