Audit Consultants Saved a Multi-National Environmental Company over $5M

Telmac’s audit consultants reviewed the $70M domestic spend of a Multi-national Environmental Company. The project consisted of sourcing, audit and optimization.

The telecommunications cost validation and recovery process includes price validation through a thorough analysis of current invoices matched with your contracts, amendments, purchase orders and tariffs. The telecommunications cost reduction and optimization step identifies unused and unnecessary services/charges that will results in cost savings and cost avoidance. Optimization ensures that the in-production services are procured n the most efficient manner.

A comprehensive benchmark and quantifiable demand set is essential in today’s fast moving market. Telmac’s audit consultants create circuit inventories coupled with clients’ usage consumption and analyze how the contract stacks up against prevailing market rates. Quantifiable gaps to market are identified in both pricing and terms and conditions.

Methodology and Results

  • Perform an assessment
    • Identify cost reduction opportunities available through contract expiration, consolidation, optimization and sourcing
  • Perform a baseline audit
    • Identify costs, per location, per service
    • Validate the pricing is according to contract, tariff, purchase order
    • Validate the service is needed and in use
    • Validate the locations in billing are still active
  • Recover over-charges
  • Reduce ‘no value’ services & unneeded services
  • Identify gaps to current market for telecom services
    • Develop strategy that maps current services to current market pricing

Develop a maintenance plan to ensure optimum environment

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